Top 10 Black People In Fashion You Need To Get To Know

It’s quite clear that people of colour, especially black people, have an incredibly vibrant sense of style. Everything that we do seems to set trends all around the world. From twerking, to Kim K’s “boxer braids” (properly known as corn rows) to wearing sportswear as everyday attire. Black people never seem to stop setting these addictive fashion crazes. Here are 10 black people in fashion that help us do just that.

1 . Scottie 

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Up and coming celebrity fashion photographer, Scottie is an exceptional artist who captures breath taking images of people both well known and unknown. His work tends to spread some form of positive message. His latest project, Masculinity Is A Prision  is a nod to the men everywhere that don’t feel adequate in today’s society that requires them to be tough and muscular even when they’re not. This message is specifically aimed at black men. You can find out more about Scottie and his work on his Instagram.

2. Farren Fucci

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Break through celebrity stylist, Farren Fucci took the fashion world by storm when his handiwork was tied to the likes of model Bella Hadid and megastar Rihanna. The young artist rose to fame when Rihanna confirmed that he was in fact her favourite fashion person at the moment and that she and Bella Hadid both use his Instagram page as their mood board. Rihanna recently rocked his looks in her spread for March’s edition of Paper magazine. We expect big things from this 25-year-old prodigy.

3. Freddie Harrel

Taken from:

This smiling beauty is originally from Paris but moved to London back in 2012. She claims to have instantly fallen in love with the city and the style of it’s people. She started her blog in 2013 and since then has been posting fashion and lifestyle posts that correlate with her stylish and lavish lifestyle. She’s worked as a digital strategist in the fashion industry, a personal stylist and a blogger so when it comes to fashion, she knows what she’s talking about.

4. Gabi Gregg

Taken from:

Gabi Gregg is a plus-size model, style blogger and body positivity activist who seems to be making quite a mark in the fashion industry. Gregg has been working with company Swimsuits For All to create fashionable swimsuits for women of all sizes. Her latest collection is set to be dropping soon. You can check out the campaign video here. Her website has multiple posts and stories relating to plus size fashion so ladies you’re in for a treat.

5. Lougè Delcy

Taken from:

Innovative and gifted photographer, Lougè Delcy is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He’s been all around the world and has taken pictures for A list celebrities, models and campaigns. His style can simply be described as ethereal and out-of-the-box. He manages to capture images with just the right amount of flare and enhances it during his editing. You can visit his website, to see what we’re talking about. He is definitely not one to be missed.

6. Claire Sulmers

Taken from:

Claire Siobhan Sulmers is a writer and editor based in New York City. She has done editorial work which has been based on fashion, beauty and health. Her work has been featured in Real Simple, Newsweek, New York and Essence magazines. She has also been featured on the websites of both Paris and Italian Vogue. You can visit her website here.

7. Steven Onoja

Taken from:

Born and raised in Nigeria, Africa’s largest leading fashion capital, Steven discovered his love of art. and all things creative. Now living in New York City, he explores the world of men’s fashion. His artistic background really gives him an in depth understanding of creative ways to put outfits together. You can check out his awesome Instagram feed here.

8. Karen Blanchard

Taken from:

Karen Blanchard is a fashion blogger and photographer. She was born and raised in London but moved to New York City to further her career. She has managed to make the perfect combination of UK charm and NY edge to create her authentic style. Blanchard believes that you can find more authentic clothing in boutiques around the city than big names such as Topshop, Zara and H&M. Check out her website at 


9. Soraya De Carvalho

Taken from:

One of the most stylish on our list is Soraya De Carvalho. She can be described as a real-life fashionista. Her page contains jaw-dropping designer pieces and flawless images giving her one of the best websites on this list. Soraya currently lives in Nottingham, UK. She studies but somehow manages to balance that with being a fashion icon in her own right. You can check out her website at

10. Marcus Troy

Taken from:

Menswear and lifestyle blogger Marcus Troy is a great example of how far vision, creativity, and perseverance can take you. Originally from Montreal, he’s managed make quite a name for himself in the fashion industry. He is probably the most successful person on this list. His work has gotten him commissioned by well known brands such as Converse, Levis, Sebago, DC Shoes, Timberland, and The Project Tradeshow. It seems the only way to go is up for the blogger. Check out his website here.


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