Film Review: Get Out

When it comes to movies produced, directed and starred by black people,  within the industry it has become very popular to the audience they cater to. Many films for instance hold significant life lessons and stories which can be seen as educating young kids or even adults. From TV shows, to award shows and even to films, black people have become very respected in those particular aspects. More films and shows are being made under black owned companies and producers, which also gives other black actors and actresses a shot at fame.

get out.jpg

The movie “Get Out” hit the cinemas late last week and has become extremely popular so far. Many people have explained the importance of racism awareness and also the way it has been portrayed in film. This film is about a young white woman who brings her black boyfriend home to meet her parents. Much to his surprise, he finds out his girlfriend and her family kidnap and auction off every black person that gets close to the daughter and that he is the next victim. Throughout the movie, more black characters are introduced into the film as servants and gardeners for the white family. After the boyfriend finds pictures of several black people who were once involved with the daughter everything starts making sense.

This movie was the directorial debut by Jordan Peele who had explained that this was the first time he was directing a film. The original budget for this film was $4.5 million, but surpassed this in the first three weeks of its release earning over $100million.

 This movie is a definite must watch, I would recommend this movie to everyone and rate it a solid 9/10.


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