Black Fashion & Tumblr

For years now, Tumblr has been a major platform for bloggers, photographers and other creatives to share and view different kinds of creative work. Although uploading creative work on to the site is it’s main purpose, users are also able to “reblog” work they find on their feeds if they see fit. That post will then become a part of that user’s timeline, meaning other users will be able to view that post when they view their accounts.

Although the number of active users  is higher on sites like Facebook and Instagram, Tumblr is still a great place to share one’s work to the world with the use of a more blog/website format.

Infographics created by Luke Osay. Credit has been given to state where the facts have been taken from.

Black fashion tumblr blogs have been on the rise in the last 5 years. Some of them include Black Fashion, Black Men’s Fashion, Black Boys Rock and many more. These blogs are being used to share eye-catching and innovative outfits and costumes worn by black people all around the globe. This is a great way sharing the vibrant and creative clothing styles people of colour have to offer.


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