About Us

Anansi’s Web was made to be a one-stop-shop for all people of colour in search of heritage and culture themed news articles and web stories. Although the site is focused primarily towards black people and our needs, the site can be visited by people of all races especially if they seek information on black themed issues and topics.

Here are a few facts about the history behind the name of our site:

  • The ‘Anansi Stories’ originated in West Africa and they were stories about a spider-god called Anansi.
  • The stories were first told in Ghana and became popular through word of mouth, as these stories were not written down.
  • Anansi was known to be the spirit of all knowledge and stories and we thought this would a fitting title as our website will be a source for news stories, fashion and entertainment
  • Our logo is the actual traditional symbol used to represent Anansi and his web.


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